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Dickie Toys Fire Engine Rescue Unit

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Dickie Toys Fire Engine Rescue Unit.

Fire Rescue Unit – 30 cm fire engine with moving ladder, lights, sound effects and rotating wheels.

Many children dream of becoming a firefighter. This feature-packed Fire Rescue Unit from Dickie Toys is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of fire rescue. Thanks to the rotating wheels, the vehicle has a push-along design and can be used in a wide range of play scenarios.

The vehicle features a realistic siren that can be switched on to alert nearby traffic, as well as bright lights to ensure that it can be seen from a distance in the dark. The required batteries (2 x AA) are included.

The fire engine also comes with an extendable ladder for reaching hard to access areas such as tall buildings and rescuing trapped people from balconies.

Ages: 3+