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Dickie Toys Large Play Carpet

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Dickie Toys Large Play Carpet.

2D surface for a 3D imagination! a playmat kills two birds with one stone: it protects the floor from speeding toy trains and muffles noises. But the design on the Dickie Toys playmat also provides a perfect 2D surface for vehicles and 3D buildings. The large mat has meandering streets that wind their way through different areas of town in various directions.

So children can use all of their toy vehicles to recreate real-life situations. The playmat comes with a freewheel toy car and a variety of road signs. So as soon as the mat's been unpacked children can set to with building the town. The roads at the edges of the mat are printed in such a way that several mats can be put together to create an even larger play environment. So there's virtually no limit to the imagination.

Size: 100 x 140 cm

Contents: 1x freewheel car and road traffic signs.

Ages: 3+