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Dino Trux Die Cast Gluphosaur

Dino Trux Die Cast Gluphosaur

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Have a ferociously fun time with the half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicles from Dinotrux! All character vehicles feature rolling wheels for easy, push-around play and movements unique to their on-screen personality and special abilities. Kids will want to collect them all to build out the prehistoric world of Dinotrux! Each sold separately, subject to availability. 
Gluphosaurs ( or Digluphosaurs ) are a species of Trux that are part Dilophosaurus, part glue gun. They have retractable frills and are able to spit glue from their mouths; the glue is very resistant to force and can be removed with salt. Social in a pack and aggressive to intruders, cautious around outsiders not their own and suspicious to other Dinotruxs. Until, Revvit fixed a fellow Gluphosaur named Stix and earning the trust of the pack.
Contents: 1x Gluphosaur
Ages: 3+

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