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DinoTrux Die Cast Wrecka

DinoTrux Die Cast Wrecka

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The half-dinosaur, half-construction creatures from the hit Netflix show Dinotrux are now available! Have a ferociously fun time with the Dinotrux Diecast Wrecka vehicle that features rolling wheels for easy, push-around play.  Kids will want to collect them all to build the prehistoric world of Dinotrux!


Wrecka ) is a yellow Ankylodump from the Dinotrux series and member of the Dumps, a group of daredevils that once included Ton-Ton. She and her teammates Drag-O and Scoot are known for their recklessness, which is unnerving and/or annoying to other Dinotrux, including their old friend Ton-Ton. However, Wrecka can also be a helpful ally to Ty-Rux and his teammates, serving as a member of Garby's team of reserve Dinotrux and using her knowledge of demolition derby to great effect against D- Structs and other evil Dinotrux.



Contents: A Dinotrux Diecast Wrecka

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