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Science Mad! 50mm Astronomical Telescope

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Science Mad! 50mm Astronomical Telescope.

A simple, robust telescope for young skywatchers to learn more about the night sky.

Includes an altazimuth mount to allow both vertical and horizontal rotation of the telescope.

The night sky is bursting with constellations, planets, moons, stars, satellites and even the odd comet shooting by.... its truly spectacular!  This robust childrens telescope is the ideal introduction for developing a lifelong interest in astronomy.

Its highly versatile and is ideal for traveling, camping and other starvazing opportunities where a compact, easy to use telescope is needed. The table top tripod and altazimuth mount are useful aids to observing the wonders of the night sky, wherever you are!

Contents:50mm telescope, focal length of 360mm, diagonal mirror, 2 eyepieces (20mm and 4mm for 18X and 90X magnification), lens cap, tripod and instruction manual.

Ages: 6+