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Don't Be A Donkey

Available: In-Store Online

It's the fast-paced, madcap game of card passing and carrot grabbing. Can you get a full house of matching donkey cards, then be fast enough to grab one of the available carrots? But there aren't enough carrots to go round, so if you're too slow, you'll turn into a donkey. Keep swapping cards until someone gets a set of 4 matching cards! As soon as a player gets 4 matching donkey cards, they shout donkey and everyone grabs for a carrot. Didn't get a carrot? lift up one of your donkey ears. If you lose 3 times, you're the donkey! eeee awww!
Contents: 16 x coloured donkey cards. 3 x carrots, 4 x donkey ears, 1 x donkey's nose.
Players: 2-4 players
Ages: 4+