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Emotion Pets Cry Pets Dog Soft Toy

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Emotion Pets Cry Pets Dog Soft Toy.

Cry Pets Puppy shows Real Emotions! Feed the puppy baby with the bottle, when my cute eyes fill with tears… I am about to cry! I am so soft and cute, you can take me around everywhere and watch me show my emotions.

Draw water into the baby bottle by squeezing it. While keeping the puppy reclined (ideally at 45°), press the baby bottle into his mouth and squeeze it until the water fills up to half of the puppy's eyes. Keep the puppy upright to clearly see the water level inside the eyes. Press the left paw repeatedly until tears flow out from the puppy's eyes. Use the towel included to dry the puppy's tears. Do not fill the baby bottle with any other liquid than clean water. Make sure to pump out all of the water and let the toy dry completely to avoid the formation of mold.

  • My eyes get filled with tears.
  • I drink and cry for real.
  • I am so soft and cute.

Ages: 2+