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Enchantimals Cozy Deer House Playset

Enchantimals Cozy Deer House Playset

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Follow Danessa Deer doll and animal-bestie Sprint deer to their home- sweet-home - a double-story Cozy Deer House, built with pink "logs" and nearly two-feet tall. Play out enchanting forest fun with this playset that includes the six-inch Enchantimals doll and animal figure, a dollhouse (with five play areas), and over 15 removable pieces of furniture and accessories! The front of the playhouse is bright pink with big, golden antlers on the roof and a teal front-door (with a smaller door that really opens for their animal friends)! Swivel the dollhouse around to reveal a colourfully enchanting interior for the two best friends to live their whimsical, snuggly lifestyle - with floral wallpaper, bright decorations, and plenty of windows to soak in the forest sunlight!


There is even a balcony for the best friends to hang outside and enjoy the fresh air. On the first floor, the two friends can bond on the cozy couch in the living room over cupcakes and a tea set. Or, they can cook and eat together in the kitchen with accessories like a frying pan, spatula, and dining table for two! Once it's nighttime, guide Danessa Deer doll and Sprint deer up the ladder upstairs. The two best friends can wash up together in the bathroom with a shower tub, double toilet set, and double vanity set. There is a bed for Danessa Deer doll and basket for Sprint deer in the bedroom, so they can share sweet dreams every night! Kids will love celebrating the world of Enchantimals inside the Cozy Deer House!


Includes: One six-inch Enchantimals doll wearing fashion and accessories, animal figure, dollhouse, and themed accessories.


Ages: 4+

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