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Exost Aquajet Mini Remote Control Land And Water Vehicle

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Exost Aquajet Mini Remote Control Land And Water Vehicle.

Introducing Exost Mini AquaJet, the super transforming amphibious vehicle! With two modes included, 4 x 4 mode and boat mode. Experience off-road with the Mini AquaJet's 4x4 design and oversized tires to power over any terrain. Nothing can stop the Mini Aquajet, when in water, transform this vehicle into a boat. With the push of a button the Mini AquaJet's wheels mechanically rotate, allowing you to activate the propellers and go! It's water resistant body and indestructible exterior equal unlimited fun!

  • 2 in 1 amphibious vehicle.
  • Special Floating tyres.
  • Water resistant body.
  • 2 independent turbines.
  • Mechanically activated tyres.

Batteries Required:8 x AA (not included)

Ages: 5+