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Fisher Price 3 in 1 Crawl Along Tumble Tower

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Shake, rattle and crawl, baby! This tower is full of fun activities that are sure to keep the good times rollin' as your child grows! At first, your little one can Sit and Play, discovering sweet surprises like a rollerball and clicker, on top and bottom! As baby starts moving more, turn the tower on its side and give it a roll for Crawl and Chase play. And when your child's ready for some simple problem-solving, pick the tower up or turn it upside down to make the beads go round and round for Puzzle Maze Fun! Baby will soon discover which buttons and sliders to press to get the smiling beads rolling through the spiral maze.  Little ones will have a ball rolling and chasing the tower and its colourful beads, over and over and over again! Problem Solving Big thinking skills start to develop as baby learns how to move the beads from top to bottom with a press and a switch of a button!
Includes: 3-in-1 Crawl Along Tumble Tower
Ages: 9mths+