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Fisher Price Snap-Lock Caterpillar

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Snap them together, pull them apart! This friendly caterpillar adds a new twist to hands-on bead building fun, with 6 Snap-Lock activity beads that baby can spin, click, rattle, roll, teethe—and snap together to build a colourful caterpillar! A new twist on snap-lock fun. This adorable caterpillar character is made up of six snap-lock beads. Baby can position them any way they'd like. And for added fun it is filled with activities. Soft teethable antennae on his head, spinning arms and tactile bumps, colourful beads to shake and rattle, a bat-at roller easy for baby to control and a clicker. Helps develop baby's fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while providing sensory stimulation with tactile, visual and auditory elements.


Contents: Snap-Lock Caterpillar


Ages: 6mths