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FORTNITE Skull SQuad 4pc Figure And Accessory Set

Available: In-Store Online

FORTNITE Skull SQuad 4pc Figure And Accessory Set.

Ready up with Fishskull, Skull Squad Leader, Bone Ravage and Bone Boss!

Weapons and harvesting tools will help them crack the competition!

This team looks like they dropped right out of the Battle Bus!

Pair them with any other 10cm Fortnite figure to build new squads!

  • Includes: A Fish Skull Figure, Skull Squad Leader Figure, Bone Ravage Figure, Bone Boss Figure, Bones, Skull Sickle, Death Valley, Beef Bones, Legendary Pump Shotgun and Suppressed Sniper Rifle. (4 figures, 4 weapons and 6 harvesting tools).

Ages: 8+