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GEOMAG Panels Set 104pc

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GEOMAG Panels Set 104pc.

The Geomag Panels line is the extensive series of 58 mm magnetic rods and plastic panels, created so that even the youngest children, from three years old, can play in complete safety. The Panels line expands the original Geomag concept with fun plastic panels in square, triangular and pentagonal shapes. What’s more, the introduction of the panels further improves your experience of the toy, using them as bases for your constructions will enable you to transport them easily and give the structure greater rigidity and support. The rods and balls connect magnetically, you can put your inventiveness and manual skills to the test and when you insert the fun panels, you can give free rein to your imagination and it will be even more fun!

Set includes 28 balls, 36 silver-coloured rods, 20 triangular panels, 12 square panels, six pentagonal panels and one square platform.

Ages: 3+