Glimmies Rainbow Friends - Glimwheel

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For the first time you can experience the magical feeling of holding an enchanted creature in your own hands!

When the lights go out these super cute little star fairies called Glimmies will shine bright in the dark, put them in the light and the Glimmies hide their lights! Hold your Glimmies Rainbow Friends together in your hand and they will interact with each other by changing colour!

Glimmies can now go for a ride on the Glimwheel.The Glimwheel magically spins in the dark! Thanks to the daylight mode, it spins in daylight too! Place up to 3 Glimmies on the Glimwheel and watch them enjoying a ferris wheel ride!

This playset comes with 1 Exclusive Glimmie Rainbow Friends to add to your Glimmies collection.


Contents: 1 x Exclusive Mini Doll with light-up and interactive function, 1 x Glimwheel, 1 x Collectors Guide and Batteries


Ages: 3+

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