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Glitter Babyz Lila Wildboom Baby Doll

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Glitter Babyz Lila Wildboom Baby Doll.

Glitter Babyz are glittering, beautiful, magical babies that have big, beautiful eyes, sparkles on their eye lashes and glitter in their hair. Each baby has a unique personality expressed in their style and they each have 3 magical colour changes, (1) Her hair colour changes over and over again, when you give her a bath (bathtub not included), (2) The magical shampoo bottle changes colour each time you add ice cold water, (3) and just add ice cold water to the Juice Bottle to magically change the colour, every time.

Show her all your tender loving care to keep her magic alive and sparkling. Feed her a bottle, change her nappy, give her a bath (bathtub not included) and then lay her down for nap time. You can nurture your baby over and over again. Everything that comes with your magical Glitter Babyz can be reused, from the bottles to the nappies.

  • Includes: Removable T-shirt, glittery reusable nappy, dummy, magical colour changing juice bottle, magical colour changing shampoo bottle and sparkly baby with colour changing hair.
  • Lila Wildboom has flowers in her eyes and on her t-shirt.
  • Glitter Babyz can be posed into so many cute, cuddly and playful positions.
  • They can sit for feeding and bath time.
  • Straighten her legs to lie her down for nap time.
  • Collect all four babies - Solana Sunburst, January Snowflake, Lila Wildboom and Dreamia Stardust. (Each sold separately).

Ages: 3+