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GraviTrax Expansion Trampoline

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GraviTrax Expansion Trampoline.

Bounce your marble run fun up to new heights with the “GraviTrax Trampoline”! With 2 specially angled height tiles and 2 springy trampoline tiles, your racing marbles will bounce their way to tracks and components waiting on the other side. How cool is that? Since all sets are open-ended, adding this accessory to any “GraviTrax Starter-Set” is a snap. Bounce your building skills up a notch and race your marbles to the finish as you experience the power of gravity and educational fun today!

What makes a great toy? GraviTrax checks all the boxes! It’s a creative, modular, expandable track system that challenges children to use their imagination to design and build their own marble runs! Electronic-free, GraviTrax construction sets use STEM-friendly concepts while building critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Completely open-ended, every GraviTrax set has a boredom-busting variety of play options for hours of fascinating fun. Once the basics are mastered, simply add expansion sets and accessories to propel those metal marbles around the tricked-out track of your dreams!
Includes: 2 Trampolines, 2 angled bases and instructions.
Ages: 8+
Please note: A starter set is required for play.