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Hairdooz Shampoo Pack Collectable

Available: In-Store Online

Meet the Hairdooz! Peel off the wrapper to reveal your Hairdooz. Twist the cap to reveal who?! Remove the smock to reveal the outfit… then remove the dryer to reveal the Doo! Style the hair and take your Hairdooz anywhere. Includes chair with display sucker. There’s lots of styles and characters to collect! Will you find the rare colour- change hair or one with a fruity scent? Which Hairdooz will you reveal?
Contents: 1x Hairdoo, 1x bottle capsule, 1x styling chair, 1x suction cup, 1x hairdressers cape and 1x collectors guide
Ages: 5+
Please Note:Unfortunately as these are sealed items, it is not possible to choose which you prefer.