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Happy Baby Panda Teething Mitt

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Happy Baby Panda Teething Mitt.

  • The mitten is of great quality materials: The polka-dot fabric is soft, thin and breathable. It also makes noise as you squeeze it, your baby will love that. The velcro side adjusts to your baby's wrist easily. You can put it on your baby when you go out grocery shopping, on car rides, to restaurants and when she/he is teething as it keeps her/him entertained.
  • Size: This mitt is one size, perfect for babies 3 to 8 months old. Easy to clean and it's machine washable.
  • How to properly use it: Regardless of which hand you choose, put the mitten so the velcro strap is facing your baby's pinky. This will facilitate your baby's access to the silicone thumb.
  • Crinkle sounds stimulate senses. Recommended for new mom or as a gift.

Ages: 3-8 months