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Harry Potter Sorting Hat

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Harry Potter Sorting Hat.

Make a witch or wizard’s first day at Hogwarts magical with the Harry Potter Sorting Hat.

This wise old hat uses its powers to choose a house for the young witch or wizard who wears it. Authentically styled to look just like the Sorting Hat in the movies, this clever hat moves its mouth and really talks!

With 15+ phrases, it can sort the courageous Gryffindor from the ambitious Slytherin, and the sharp Ravenclaw from the kind Hufflepuff.

So, what house will the Harry Potter Sorting Hat choose for you?

This toy makes a beautiful gift for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Kids can act out their favourite scenes from the Harry Potter series, from Harry’s first day in the Great Hall to the Sorting Hat’s sudden appearance in the Chamber of Secrets.

  • Contents: A Harry Potter Sorting Hat with 15+ phrases.
  • A great gift for any Harry Potter fan.
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA Batteries (included).

Ages: 5+