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HEXBUG Fire Ant Assorted

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HEXBUG Fire Ant Assorted.

The HEXBUG Fire Ant is a high-speed robotic creature that you can control! This speedy robotic bug lights up and features six custom wheels to boost its ability to move around obstacles in its path. The HEXBUG Fire Ant's unique design elements were carefully chosen by engineers to get children to think about the science behind the robots. The HEXBUG Fire Ant is available in an assortment of five colours including Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Magenta! To power on, simply press the button on the top of the Fire Ant and take off with the I/R remote control. Want to race your Fire Ant with a friend? Pair one Fire Ant to a Channel 1 Remote and the other Fire Ant to a Channel 2 Remote and take off racing!

Contents: 1x Hexbug Fire Ant.

Ages: 8+