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HEXBUG Mobots Ramblez Voice Changing Robot

Available: In-Store Online

HEXBUG Mobots Ramblez Voice Changing Robot.

Dance with Ramblez, the robotic sidekick from HEXBUG! Ramblez has an expressive light up face and when you clap twice, your bot dances and moves around in fun patterns! Ramblez can also record voice messages and play them back with cool, speed-up and slow-down effects!

There are 3 different Ramblez robots styled with their own soft flexible hairstyle- long locks, spikes and of course, the MOhawk! Group Ramblez beside other MoBots and listen as they talk to each other in their own robot language! There's always mo' fun with MoBots!

  • The Robotic Sidekick that changes your voice!
  • Record and play your voice!
  • I communicate with other MoBots! 
  • Adjustable settings! 
  • Clap to watch me dance!
  • Robotic voice low/high pitch!
  • My face glows when im on! 
  • Move my arms to pose me as you want! 

Ages: 3+

There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.