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HexBug Nano Flash Nanoplex Playset

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HexBug Nano Flash Nanoplex Playset.

The HEXBUG nanoplex is one of the biggest nano habitats available! With over 40 easy-to-connect pieces, there are endless possibilities! Tap into your imagination and get building with the 9 jelly walls, 7 connectors, 7 straight tracks, 6 curved tracks and watch your 2 nanos and 2 all-new nano Flash scurry around for hours of autonomous fun!

The nano Flash’s slender redesign optimizes agility through your intricate course and its newly integrated LED lights will illuminate the track. The nanoplex also includes 3 merry-go-rounds and 4 arches to really put your obstacle course building skills to the test.

Discover HEXBUG nanoplex! Using over 40 pieces, this playset builds one of the biggest nano® habitats to put your 2 nanos and 2 all-new nano Flash to the test!

Ages: 3+