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HEXBUG Nano V2 Single

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HEXBUG Nano V2 Single.

This tiny, micro robotic creature has an uncanny sense of balance, capable of crawling through tubes on its feet or on its back, and can pass another bug in a single tube to avoid a traffic jam. These nano® V2 bugs can climb up vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes, to the tip top of any nano® V2 habitat set.

The nano® V2 product line features an evolved nano®, sporting a new look, with three rubber spines on its back, as well as new neon tracks that highlight the nano® V2's multi-level climbing abilities!

Collect and connect multiple single packs, or pair them with any other nano® V2 habitat set! 


  • Climbs vertically, horizontally, and around corners.
  • Compatible with any nano® habitat set.
  • Multi-level climbing abilities.
  • Batteries included.

Ages: 3+