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HEXBUG Nano V2 sky Max Playset

Available: In-Store Online

HEXBUG  Nano V2 sky Max Playset.

This new breed of gravity defying Nano V2 bugs can now climb up vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes, to the tip top of any Nano V2 habitat set. Customize the design and layout of the three-level expansive set features a spiral tube accessory for the Nano V2 to climb through as it explores its environment.
Includes a crows nest for a more expansive view from the tallest point of the set. Control the flow of traffic by filling the attachment points on the two HEX cell bases with accessories such as fixed pegs and rotating flags.
Contains: 1 Nano V2 bug, 1 spiral tube, 1 crows nest, 3 straight tubes, 8 curved tubes, 1 curved Y tube, 17 connectors, 6 stand-offs, 2 HEX cell bases plus removable walls and gates, 4 curved tracks and 8 fixed pegs.
  • Sky Max enables Nano V2 designers to customize the design and layout of the three-story set, unleashing kids' creativity with a spiral tube.
  • The Nano V2 will even flip to its feet when landing on its back on an open flat surface.

Ages: 3+