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Horrid Practical Jokes

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There are 10 jokes that use the encllosed props and instructions for 10 more using everyday household items. Horrid Practical Jokes is a collection of classic Practical Jokes that you'll find in joke shops across the land. It is undoubtedly hilarious and maybe a tad vulgar but these tricks are very easy to play on whichever poor, hapless victim takes your fancy.


If it is no more Mr.Nice Guy this is the box to buy! From the simple pleasures of seeing that horrified face, or hearing that appalled scream, to out and out revenge, nothing beats horrid practical jokes for pure value.  If you have a delicate disposition and are easily shocked, don't even THINK about buying this box. If you want a bit of innocent - frightful fun, it's perfect!!!


Ages: 8+


Please Note:  Practical Jokes are fun IF you use some common sense. Please make sure your fun is not going to hurt someone else.