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Illusion Cubes Optical Illusions Game

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Illusion Cubes Optical Illusions Game.

The “virtual cube” building tiles that can be assembled in unlimited number of ways. Explore, create and amaze yourself as you build your very own optical illusions. Our mind can play tricks on what we think we can see!

Includes 24 tactile double-sided tiles and a 120-challenge instruction. Practice the challenges before you begin making your own remarkable illusion creations.

The 3-dimension visual tiles are colored black, white & silver. Challenge yourself to create your own illusion from level 1 (3-4 cubes) to level 8 (22-24 cubes)! Your perception changes and you see something totally different the second time!

The optical illusion game promotes spatial awareness, speed of thought & visual perception. Kids can also learn the history and the concept of cognitive illusion.

Put the six-sided “cubes” together and every time you will be fascinated by what’s in front of your eyes! Challenge your family & friends and add more cubes from more sets if you need! 

Includes: 24 double-sided tiles and 120-challenge instructions.

Ages: 6+