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Inchworms Game

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Inchworms Game.

Inch Worms, a game of measuring, matching, worm-catching fun. Pick and pull any Inch Worm out of the ground. The spinner will tell you which colour to find. If you don’t see the colour you spun, keep pulling it — you’re on to winning fun!

How to Play Inch Worms - Spin the spinner and choose an Inch Worm! If your spin landed on a colour, gently pull the chosen Inch Worm up by its head. Stop pulling when you reach a colour that matches your spin. Did you spin a worm? Congratulations! You win an entire Inch Worm! Choose ONE of the remaining Inch Worms on the Grassy Mound and pull it all the way out. Add it to your Worm Pile.

The game ends when the last Inch Worm is pulled out of the Grassy Mound. Connect Inch Worms from your Worm Pile together, head to tail. Now measure—the player with the longest connected Inch Worm is the winner!

  • Learning through fun with Inch Worms!
  • Who can create the longest wiggle worm?
  • Super fun, interactive game to keep little ones entertained.
  • Quick to set up and easy to play.
  • For 2-5 players.

Ages: 3+