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Izmi Toddler Carrier

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The soft fabric yields to your baby's shape and size bringing them the very best in comfort. For you, that means lots of ergonomic support without any bulk. The washable material is lightweight and quick drying. Use the Izmi Toddler Carrier from nine months on wards. Designed to adjust, fit and modify around your growing baby while still keeping you comfortable.

Fully supportive design distributes your baby's weight evenly to reduce pressure on your back. Hip healthy design keeps babies in the best possible position, from nine months on wards. The unique straps spread to fit snugly across shoulders while the head support provides support for your toddler. The Izmi Carrier's adjustable seat ensures comfort and intimacy lasts as the baby grows. Fully adjustable and clever design makes Izmi simple and easy to use from day one 

The Izmi toddler carrier allows you to safely and securely carry your baby in three comfortable positions; front carry, side and back, so whatever your situation your little one will always be safe. The Izmi toddler carrier is incredibly practical and can be used throughout the day no matter where the day takes you.

Who is the Izmi Toddler Carrier made for? Toddlers aged from nine months on wards.