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Jelly Fun Jelly Slush Maker

Available: In-Store Online

Now make your fruity, jelly, slushy cocktails with this fun jelly slush maker. Make and set jelly as usual, ideally using 3 or more colours, with an adult. Spoon in one colour/flavour into each of the 3 compartments in the carousel and load into the dispenser. Rotate the handle to add a flavour and create slush, rotate the carousel to the next flavour and repeat. Keep repeating, building up layers of colour and flavours. Make jelly gummies by using the moulds provided. Add your gummies, some juice, a straw, serve and enjoy. Carousel holds enough jelly to make 3 cocktails.
Contents: 1x Jelly Slush Maker, 3x Plastic Glasses, Jelly Cube Cutter, Gummy Tray, Straws and Spoon.
Ages: 5+
Jelly Not Included. Requires jelly to be diluted and set.