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Jurassic World Rowdy Roars Atrociraptor Dinosaur

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Jurassic World Rowdy Roars Atrociraptor Dinosaur.

Get up close and wild with these Uncaged Rowdy Roars dinosaur figures inspired by the thrilling action and adventure of Jurassic World: Dominion! These interactive figures bring a whole new dimension to human and dinosaur relations, as they are touch-activated to MOVE, CHOMP and ROAR! Their intense gaze and stylized design, colours and textures make them an exciting addition to any dinosaur collection.

A pat on the head results in unpredictable chomps and roars! Kids can stroke the figure under the chin to make it wobble toward them with sound. Fan-favorite dinosaur species are included, but kids will also discover some species from Jurassic World: Dominion! These electronic toys are about 7 inches tall and make a great gift for daring dinosaur lovers.

Includes: 1 Jurassic World Rowdy Roars Atrociraptor Dinosuar.

Ages: 4+