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Kidz Labs Science Magic Playset

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Kidz Labs Science Magic Playset.

Science or magic? This pack contains 20 fun tricks. Have fun astonishing your friends and family. From magnetism to mathmatics to mind-reading the possibilities are endless. Perform your own scientific magic show. It's a cool science and magic show kit. Some household items from home are required to complete the tricks.

Contents: A specially designed screw cap, 2 straws, a plastic cup, a suction tube, 3 metal washers, a mini U shaped magnet, 3 mini plastic boats, 2 glow marbles, 4 paper clips, 2 long paper strips, a printed paper leaflet, printed card board, adhesive tab, a plastic bag, a rubber band and a 22 page instuction booklet with fun explanations. (some domestic materials are needed).

Ages: 8+