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Kinetic Sand Dino Discovery 3pk

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Kinetic Sand Dino Discovery 3pk.

Dig and discover dinosaur bones with the Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate 3- Pack. Uncover 3 different dinos and 3 fossil treasures, just like a real explorer.

Pry open your dino crate with the crowbar tool to reveal black Kinetic Sand! Dig through each dinosaur crate to reveal a set of dinosaur bones and a hidden fossil amber treasure. Piece the bones together to build your very own triceratops, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex with the Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate 3-Pack.

Kinetic Sand is the original magical, mouldable and mesmerising sensory play sand. This squeezable sand flows through your hands, cleans up easily and never dries out. Pull it, shape it and mould it to create incredible sand art.

Messy is fun! Sensory play with tactile sensory toys like Kinetic Sand Dino XCavate can promote fine motor skills, independent play, curiosity and concentration.

  • Contents: 510g Kinetic Sand, 3 dino skeletons, 3 treasures, 3 crates and 3 tools.

Ages: 6+