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Lego City 60366 Winter Sport Ski And Climbing Centre

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Lego City 60366 Winter Sport Ski And Climbing Centre.

Bring the thrill of the slopes home with this LEGO City Ski and Climbing Centre (60366) building toys set for kids aged 7+ years old. Thrill-seekers can head to the ski slope for year-round winter stunts and adventures!

The LEGO winter-sport set features a 3-level LEGO modular building which houses a winter-sports shop, café and a working lift that delivers skiers to the top of a piste. The centre also features a climbing wall and an outdoor area for fun winter activities plus loads of cool accessories including a bicycle, medic pack, 2 backpacks, a camera, 4 skis, 2 LEGO snowboards, 4 ski poles, 2 ice hockey sticks, 4 ice skates, 4 snowshoes and 2 ice axes. Just add the 8 minifigures, squirrel and owl figures and the buildable snowman for endless winter fun. Kids aged 7+ can enjoy a fun build with the included pictorial guide or download the LEGO Builder app for an immersive building experience. This digital mentor lets kids zoom in, rotate and visualise their LEGO modular building set as they build and explore and save virtual playsets.

LEGO City playsets take kids to the heart of the action with realistic vehicles, feature-rich structures and inspiring characters. Kids learn about the world around them as they play out stories and scenarios that depict life in a fun and exciting way. This LEGO winter-sport modular building set makes a fun gift for kids aged 7+ years old, to enjoy winter fun all year round!

  • Includes: 1 Ski and Climbing Centre Toy, a 3-level building, piste, 8 minifigures and snowman and animal figures.
  • Contains 1,054 pieces.
  • Measures over 29 cm high and 45 cm deep.
  • A working lift transports skiers to the café and launch areas.
  • LEGO accessories include 4 skis, 2 snowboards, 4 ice skates and 2 ice axes.
  • Make the creative experience extra fun for kids with the LEGO Builder app.

Ages: 7+