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Lego City 60370 Police Station Chase With Motorbike

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Lego City 60370 Police Station Chase With Motorbike.

Introduce kids to a world of imaginative play with this LEGO City Police Station Chase (60370) toy playset. The station building features a barrier you can raise & lower and houses an office and a jail with a breakout function.

This LEGO City set also includes a police car toy for kids and a crook’s getaway motorbike toy, plus 2 LEGO police officer and 2 crook minifigures. It’s a quiet day at the LEGO City police station, when suddenly "Woof! Woof!" the police dog sounds the alarm. ‘CLANG!’ goes the jail door and out runs the captured crook. Yikes! He’s jumped onto the back of a motorbike that just dragged the jail door off its hinges. Kids have to mobilise the police interceptor and chase those crooks! Action-packed adventures await in LEGO City.

LEGO City sets help kids develop confidence and key life skills with fun toys and characters that inspire open-ended imaginative play. The easy-build police station playset comes with a LEGO Starter Brick element, pictorial instructions and the LEGO Builder app - a digital building companion with intuitive zoom and rotate tools that enable kids to visualise the finished model from all angles as they build.

  • Includes: 1 toy police station, 1 police car, 1 crook’s motorbike, 4 minifigures, 1 dog figure, 1 gem, 1 police radio, 1 key, 2 cups and 1 megaphone accessories.
  • Contains 172 Pieces.
  • Dimensions: 12cm D x 26cm W x 12cm H.
  • Action-packed police pursuit adventures await with this fun set.

Ages: 4+