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Lego City 60376 Artic Explorer Snowmobile

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Lego City 60376 Artic Explorer Snowmobile.

This LEGO City Arctic Explorer Snowmobile (60376) building toy playset for kids aged 5+ years old makes a great introduction to the imaginative LEGO City world. The construction toy set includes a cool toy snowmobile.

The LEGO snow vehicle has tracked wheels and skis, plus a detachable toy film camera for kids to have fun LEGO City adventures. An Arctic setting and an explorer LEGO City minifigure, plus seal and seal pup animal figures are also included in this LEGO City set. This building toy playset comes with an easy-to-follow pictorial printed building guide and step-by-step, 3D instructions in the LEGO Builder app. Here kids can zoom in, rotate and visualise models from all angles as they build. The app also lets them track the building process and explore and save virtual playsets.

Children grow up surrounded by amazing vehicles and machines, and with LEGO City building toy sets they get to explore them up close. LEGO City sets come with cool vehicles, realistic structures and fun characters for hours of imaginative play and can be combined with other sets from the range. This LEGO snow vehicle playset makes fun small gift for kids aged 5 plus years old.

  • Includes: 1 Arctic Explorer Snowmobile Vehicle, Arctic scene, explorer minifigure and 2 seal figures.
  • Contains 70 pieces.
  • Snowmobile is over 5 cm high, 8 cm long and 5 cm wide.
  • The snowmobile has tracked wheels and skis, plus a detachable toy film camera.
  • Minifigure accessories include a toy film camera and helmet.
  • Save progress, zoom in and rotate the model in 3D with the LEGO Builder app.

Ages: 5+