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Lego City 60393 Fire Truck Rescue

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Lego City 60393 Fire Truck Rescue.

Ignite the imaginations of future firefighters with the LEGO City 4x4 Fire Truck Rescue (60393) set. Kids aged 5 and up can get ready for loads of action with this versatile fire truck toy.

Help! There's a cat in the tree and it can't go down. At the same time, a fire started at an unattended campfire. By helping the fire brigade, they can save the situation.

The LEGO City set consists of a sturdy all-terrain vehicle with fat tires and a detachable LEGO water element shooter. There is also an area with a campfire and LEGO flames, plus a firefighter figure and a cat.

This set includes printed building instructions and interactive building tools in the LEGO Builder app. LEGO City playsets transport kids to an action-packed world with detailed buildings, realistic vehicles and inspiring characters.

Ages: 5+