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Lego Duplo 10980 Green Building Plate

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Lego Duplo 10980 Green Building Plate.

LEGO 10980 DUPLO Green Building Base Plate Board provides the ideal landscape toy for kids aged 18 months + to build on, play with and display their wonderful creations. This 24x24-stud green LEGO base plate is ideal for little builders. It holds bricks firmly at any angle (even upside down!), opening up an endless world of imaginative play possibilities – from grassy gardens to exotic jungles, steep mountain sides to cool, green, flying machines. When the building stops, the firm Duplo base board provides a collapse-free way to transport and display kids’ handiwork.

Parents can share precious developmental milestones as LEGO Duplo building toys and plates put open-ended fun, self-expression and confidence into young children’s hands.

  • Includes: A 24x24-stud LEGO DUPLO baseplate in classic green.

Ages: 18months +