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Lego Friends 41712 Recycling Truck

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Lego Friends 41712 Recycling Truck.

Looking for a fun toy for kids who care about the environment? The LEGO Friends Recycling Truck (41712) toy is for them. Kids get to join the clean team to tidy up Heartlake City beach.

This educational toy features a garbage truck toy with bins. The truck comes with a movable arm for kids to attach to the bins to tip their contents into the containers. There are 3 street bins and a trash grabber for sorting recycling into paper, food and glass. LEGO Friends Emma and River mini-dolls and a racoon animal figure are also included along with accessories, such as a toy brush, a banana, cherries and a beach clean-up sign.

Emma and River are patrolling the shore in their cool recycling truck. Kids use the grabber tool to pick up the trash before the raccoon runs away with it, then sort the garbage into the correct pail. Emma needs help to attach the garbage cans to the truck’s arm, then kids lift the handle to tip the trash into the containers.

  • Includes: A truck with tipping function, 3 garbage cans and a raccoon figure.
  • Fun toy recycling truck for kids who care about the environment.
  • Kids clear the beach of trash, sort the recycling and load up the truck.
  • Measures over 7cm high, 15cm long and 9cm wide.
  • Comes with digital instructions as well as clear step-by-step picture guides.

Ages: 6+