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Lego Harry Potter 76420 Triwizard Tournament The Black Lake

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Lego Harry Potter 76420 Triwizard Tournament The Black Lake.

Kids can stage a spellbinding contest with the LEGO Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake (76420) building toy playset. It also comes with 5 LEGO minifigures based on Harry Potter, Viktor Krum, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley & a Merperson.

This LEGO Harry Potter building toy playset features a buildable underwater scene with an arch ruin, 2 caves and flexible LEGO elements to create the effect of 2 minifigures floating. There is also a toy boat and a pier model, with a minifigure-diving function, which can be placed on top of the underwater scene. Kids can bring a classic Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire scene to life with the LEGO minifigures of Harry Potter with flipper elements and Viktor Krum with a shark- head element to help them rescue Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Fans will also be inspired to play by the Merperson minifigure, the Grindylow figure and accessory elements such as the Gillyweed potion.

To add to the magical adventure, let the LEGO Builder app guide your youngster on a building adventure where they can zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress.

  • Includes: 1 LEGO Harry Potter 76420 Triwizard Tournament: The Black Lake Set.
  • Dimensions: 6D x 12W x 18H cm.
  • Contains 349 Pieces.
  • This set lets you play out Triwizard Tournament tasks at the Black Lake.
  • Includes 5 LEGO Harry Potter minifigures, toy boat, pier model & other elements & accessories.

Ages: 8+