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Lego Marvel SpiderMan 10783 Spiderman At Doc Ock's Lab

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Lego Marvel SpiderMan 10783 Spiderman At Doc Ock's Lab.

LEGO 10783 Marvel Spider-Man at Doc Ock’s Lab Set with Toy Car is inspired by the latest Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man TV show. This feature-packed playset comes with a Spider-Man car, Doc Ock lab scene, mech action figure, plus 3 minifigures. Kids aged 4 and up can act out their own exciting rescue scenes as they battle Doc Ock to save Spidey’s robot spider pal.

LEGO 4+ sets come with a simple base to speed up construction. LEGO Marvel Spider-Man buildable toys for kids age 4+ are also a great way for adults to share the fun with youngsters. But if grown-ups are also new to LEGO building, kids can take control since these LEGO Marvel gifts come with simple picture instructions that are perfect for children who can’t read yet.

  • Includes: 3 minifigures, a Spider-Man car, lab scene and a battle mech.
  • Lab Assembled Dimensions: 12cm L x 12cm W, Spider-Car Assembled Dimensions: 8cm L x 3cm H and Mech Assembled Dimensions: 9cm L x 6cm H.
  • Marvel building toy includes a movable robot grabbing arm.
  • Combines with other LEGO Marvel Spidey sets for extended Super-Hero fun (Each sold separately).
  • Starter Bricks and simple guides mean kids aged 4+ need limited grown-up input.

Ages: 4+