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Lego Marvel SpiderMan Spidey's Techno Trike

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Lego Marvel SpiderMan Spidey's Techno Trike.

LEGO 10781 Marvel Miles Morales Spider-Man Techno Trike Set inspires anytime, imaginative play. Marvel fans can role-play action-packed chase scenes as Miles Morales corners Green Goblin and takes down his glider with a well-aimed web.

LEGO 4+ sets come with clever features to give boys and girls a fun play experience. The helpful Starter Brick provides a sturdy base for building, so kids get to the Super-Hero role-play fun fast. Also, LEGO toys for preschool kids are great for adults to share the building fun with kids. Grown-ups new to LEGO building don't need to worry this Super Hero playset comes with picture instructions, making the process easy even for children who are only just starting to read.

  • Includes: 2 Marvel minifigures and 2 cool vehicles.
  • Drive Miles Morales’ trike.
  • Catch Green Goblin in a web.
  • Trike vehicle gift is small enough to pop in a bag for anytime.
  • Starter Bricks and picture guides help kids aged 4+ build with ease.

Ages: 4+