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Lego Minecraft 21180 the Guardian Battle

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Lego Minecraft 21180 the Guardian Battle.

LEGO Minecraft The Guardian Battle (21180) building toy for kids aged 8 + takes players on a Minecraft underwater adventure filled with familiar characters and features from the best-selling game. Kids take on an action-packed challenge in this engaging Minecraft mission set beneath the ocean. First, they must build a monument amid the colourful coral reef. There's hidden treasure to find, but also 2 iconic Minecraft mobs figures: a guardian and an elder guardian, who are determined to stop you. Armed with a trident and assisted by 3 helpful axolotls, kids must fend off the hostile mobs to continue their mission. Added danger comes from a spring-loaded shooter that launches a laser missile with a flick of the larger guardian’s tail.

Minecraft building toys with authentic details, cool features, and fun accessories from the best-selling game are a great birthday gift for kids aged 8+ or any occasion present for all the game fans! LEGO Minecraft sets with endless creative play possibilities put all the excitement of the Minecraft game into kids’ hands.

  • Includes: A 255 piece LEGO 21180 Minecraft The Guardian Battle Underwater Fish Set.
  • Take Minecraft players on an entertaining underwater adventure.
  • Includes authentic characters, mobs and accessories from the Minecraft game.
  • The hands-on playset encourages creative building and imaginative action.
  • Versatile gift for Minecraft players.
  • This infinitely reconfigurable set inspires endless play possibilities.
  • LEGO Minecraft sets give players a hands-on way to enjoy their favourite game.

Ages: 8+