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Lego Star Wars 75198 Tatooine Battle Pack

Available: In-Store Online

Repair droids on planet Tatooine with the Tatooine Battle Pack. Load the droid onto the service vehicle and use the tools to fix it. But watch out for the Tusken Raider! Fire the stud shooters before it gets too close and send it running for cover! Keep the Jawas busy on desert planet Tatooine! Keep the droid in top condition with this Tatooine Battle Pack, featuring a service vehicle with stud shooters and an articulated crane, 2 Jawas and a Tusken Raider minifigure.


Contents: 2 Jawas, a Tusken Raider, an astromech droid, 2 stud blasters for the Jawas and the Tusken Raider's gaffi stick.


Product Piece Count: 97 pieces


Ages: 6-12 yrs