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Lego Super Mario 71401 Luigi's Mansion Haunt And Seek

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Lego Super Mario 71401 Luigi's Mansion Haunt And Seek.

Welcome to Luigi’s Mansion! Use the rotating hallway to explore the rooms. Stomp on the bed, unclog the toilet and lift the serving dish on the dinner table to discover hidden gems. Battle the haunted pool table and defeat the Garbage Can Ghost and Grabbing Ghost. Oh no – our friend Toad has been trapped in a painting! Rescue him, then topple King Boo from the tower!

  • Includes: Toad, Garbage Can Ghost, Grabbing Ghost and King Boo LEGO figures, Rotating hallway, a battle tower with King Boo, haunted pool table and more.
  • Luigi figure not included.
  • Gift toy for kids aged 8 and up to join the latest trend.
  • Combines particularly well with other Luigi’s Mansion Expansion Sets (Each sold separately).
  • A LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (71387 or 71360) is required for play (Each sold separately).
  • Get building instructions and more on the companion LEGO Super Mario app.
  • LEGO Super Mario toy building sets offer unlimited level-creating options.

Ages: 8+