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Lego DOTS 41930 Panda

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Lego DOTS 41930 Panda.

Give any child an unexpected treat with this mellow LEGO DOTS Bag Tag Panda (41930) arts & crafts DIY set for kids age 6+! Made for quick assembly, this bag tag for school and leisure with friends gives boys and girls a chance to create and customise their own bold panda bag tag to dress up a bag or backpack.

This bag tag toy kit features a cube with room for lots of fun designs, a silicone ring to attach it to a bag or backpack, plus a small, key-shaped tile remover and plenty of tiles. Kids can use the black, white and bamboo-decorated tiles to design a more realistic panda or grab a bag of Extra DOTS Series 4 tiles and create even more fun faces and designs to make the tag uniquely theirs.

Kids can personalise the bag tag accessory however they like, change the panda’s expressions to match theirs and then share their designs with friends. This cool bag tag kit combines a child’s passion for arts and crafts with fun self-expression and makes a delightful anytime treat or extra gift.

  • Contents: 84 Pieces.
  • Measures over 4cm high and 3cm wide and deep.

Ages: 6+