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Lego Minecraft 21162 The Tiaga Adventure

Available: In-Store Online

Lego Minecraft 21162 The Tiaga Adventure

With Minecraft features and figures for players to build, modify and enjoy, this fun-packed LEGO Minecraft Taiga Adventure building set (21162) encourages kids to step away from the computer and bring Minecraft action into the real world!

Unleash kids’ creativity with 4 Minecraft’s figures: Steve, Skeleton, Wolf and the new-for-January-2020 Fox figure. There are snow-capped mountains to climb, red berries to eat and a roaring campfire to keep warm while kids blast for precious ore in the freezing Taiga region but action and adventures soon interfere with the plans!

LEGO Minecraft sets put open-ended independent play in kids hands and with authentic Minecraft biomes and popular action figures, they’ll never want to put the toy down!

Product Piece Count:84pieces

Ages: 7+