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Lego Minecraft 21174 The Modern Tree House

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Lego Minecraft 21174 The Modern Tree House.

LEGO Minecraft The Modern Treehouse (21174) toy for kids 9+ is a large, detailed and extremely versatile playset that will give enduring pleasure to Minecraft players and any child who enjoys creative construction.

This endlessly reconfigurable Minecraft treehouse toy has 4 very different rooms with a variety of authentic Minecraft accessories. The set invites kids to rebuild and reconfigure the dollhouse again and again and to explore imaginative play-and-display possibilities that never end. Rooms don’t even have to be attached to the tree. The set is ideal for children whose imaginations stretch beyond the walls of a traditional dollhouse.

LEGO Minecraft toys for kids give Minecraft players a new way to enjoy their favourite game, with characters and Minecraft figures, scenes and features brought to life with an imaginative mix of LEGO bricks and pieces.

  • Contains 909 pieces.
  • Measures over 29cm high, 20cm wide and 17cm deep.
  • Impressive and endlessly reconfigurable LEGO Minecraft The Modern Treehouse.
  • Includes a charged Creeper, zombie, cat, chicken, plus panda and ocelot skins.
  • Packed with creative building and imaginative play-and-display possibilities.

Ages: 9+