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Little Live Pets Bizzy Bubs Crawling Baby Poppy

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Full of wriggles and non-stop giggles; it’s the only way that Crawling Baby Poppy plays! Bizzy Bubs are on the go! These little bundles of joy are way too busy for bedtime! Full of life and personality they can’t wait to play and show you what they can do! Life is just one big party for this little pile of smiles! And when everything is new to you, your whole world becomes one big exciting playground! Poppy talks and crawls like a real baby! Listen to her make adorable baby sounds. Pop in her pacifier when she’s sleepy and feed her with her bottle when she’s hungry. Cell batteries are included.
Contents: 1 x baby, 1 x bottle, 1 x pacifier, 1 x instructions.
Ages: 5+