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Little Live Pets My Pet Pig

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Little Live Pets My Pet Pig.

With over 25 sounds and reactions, Piggly makes the cutest pet! She moves and sounds just like a real pig! Feed her with her bottle and give her a cuddle as she reacts to your touch. Piggly is a great little mover, walk her on the lead or watch her ‘bust a move’ on the dancefloor to her own tunes!

Piggly has super-soft skin and her ears and tail jiggles when she walks. Her nose snuffles and sniffles as she nuzzles. Feed her with the bottle and she makes cute feeding sounds.

  • Includes: A My Pet Pig Piggly, a lead and a feeding bottle.
  • To watch your pig dance along to the music, simply give her a pat on the back.
  • To feed your pig, gently push the feeding bottle into her mouth. Her snout will wiggle and she’ll make satisfied sounds.
  • When you don’t play with your pig, she’ll try to get your attention.
  • After some complaining, she’ll eventually fall asleep and start to snore.
  • Gently hold your hand to your pig’s snout and it will sniff.
  • Your pig loves to be cuddled, touch her snout and your pig will kiss you.
  • Batteries Required: 3 x AA (included).

Ages: 4+