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LOL Surprise! Mini Dolls

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LOL Surprise! Mini Dolls.

Unbox an OMG character in a miniature size. Each mini is a replica of their 24.5cm fashion doll and comes with a signature accessory. Will you find the fabulous Royal Bee, the showstopping Lady Diva, or someone else?

Each ball package is reusable and transforms into a room playset that reflects the personality and style of their B.B. character. Collect all the rooms to create a miniature LOL Surprise OMG World playset.

There are 18 outrageous OMG replica minis to collect, each with their own unique room and signature accessory to match their fierce look. Collect all 18 and create your own miniature LOL Surprise OMG world.

The LOL Surprise OMG Mini Collection celebrates the OMG fashion dolls in an all-new way. These minis make for a perfect present for birthdays or other occasions

Ages: 4+